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About Us

IOTecto is a Miami-based IoT and building automation company. We design, develop, and integrate advanced smart hubs with sensor technology which enables buildings to be smart. This allows tenants to interconnect and to remotely monitor all of their devices/appliances inside the apartments through a single user-friendly platform.

In IOTecto we specialize in custom design for small to large buildings either before or after the buildings are built. We also provide smart sensors to prevent different kinds of problems inside the units such as HVAC Maintenance, Flooding, Washing Machines, etc....

With our powerful platform we create analytics that monitor the behavior of the appliances so it can be determine what is going wrong with the device in real time.

Our History

We have more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Each and every day we look forward to reseaching, reviewing, and testing the newest and best technology in the market; we are committed to develop and to offer the best service for our clients.

Our Mission

To make buildings smarter, more connected, safer, and to prevent damages before they happen. This will allow families to have peace of mind, to save money, and to have total control of their homes with our automated smart technology.

Who we are

IOTecto employs professionals and knowledgeable engineers who are specialized in developing and integrating modules, smart hubs, and sensors for IOT; this is the best and most efficient way to maitain total control of each device on the property.

Control your peace of mind !

If you’ve ever managed a property, you know it’s more than just a full-time job.In IOTecto we are devoted to make managing a building an easy task. With real time monitoring, it has never been easier to manage, watch and prevent disasters in a property.

IOTecto gives the technology to building managers, tenants and home owners so they can have a peace of mind in their daily life,having a total control of their property. Imagination is the limit. We present you with some interesting ideas on how to use your smart devices and how to explore the world of automation. You can control your devices through voice control or just by using your smart watch. Do you want coffee in 5 minutes after you take a bath? Easy. Opening the door for guests won’t be a problem either. Everything is one click away. Every day new system and products arrive to the marketplace and we will be there by your side to guide you into using them and incorporating them into your system.

We always try to understand customers expectation

Whatever your dream project is, we can make it real, just give us a line and we will make your life smarter.

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