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Smart Buildings

A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and more. Smart buildings deliver useful information making the occupants more productive and comfortable and the owners and managers more profitable. They are connected and responsive to the smart power grid, and they interact with building operators and occupants to empower them with new levels of visibility and actionable information.
Not at all. Yes your home or business will be high-tech but your life will be streamlined and more secure. Everything is controlled from a wall-mounted keypad, hand-held remote, tablet or smartphone, all labeled with the tasks each can accomplish with the touch of your finger. Imagine you are rushing out the door for work: Simply pressing “Away” locks all your doors, alarms the security system, turns off the lights and non-essential devices, and sets your thermostat to an away setting, saving precious energy – not to mention your valuable time.
There is no need re wire your home, business or building. Our technology works with the existing electrical wiring and adds an extra layer of connectivity by using wireless mesh connections. Forget remodeling and rewiring, the installation is as easy as it gets.
Absolutely. Our commercial clients run the gamut from Fortune 500 companies, colleges and boutique hotels to small businesses, sports bars and restaurants. Our integrated smart home systems are each custom-designed to fit the unique needs of each business so that you, the business owner, can get back to work minus the technology headaches you experienced in the past. The list of business automation commercial services we supply is endless, including conference systems, whole-building audio, multiple smart TVs, security, surveillance, phones, lighting, motorized shades and green initiatives. Everything is integrated into one automated system, controlled from one simple interface.
We can integrate smart devices to any property. We develop our own devices and also integrate over 100 leading brands of smart devices that allow you to control every aspect of your home, building or office space.
You will be able to connect switches, keypads, sensors, motors, thermostats, clocks and more, all of them controllable from your smartphone or computer dashboard with our powerful platform.
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Smart Sensors

We use state of the art technology to power our smart building implementations, from custom design up to the most important brands in the market. It is based upon international standards and ready for the future.
An smart sensor is key in a smart building installation. It allows the system to be aware of changes in its states and to react accordingly. It helps to monitor the health of the building and prevent proactively any disaster.
We use all kind of sensors, from open-close detectors, PIR movement sensors, leak sensors, smoke and CO2 detectors, relay systems up to water valve feedback and air quality monitors.
We use mesh technology to interconnect all of our devices. It allows us to expand the network of IoT devices up to the thousands. It is a secure network that grows with your necessities.
It needs to be reliable, durable and up-to-date. You get that and more from the sensors we offer.
  • Low cost, so they can be economically deployed in large numbers.
  • Physically small, to “disappear” unobtrusively into any environment.
  • Wireless, as a wired connection is typically not possible.
  • Self-identification and self-validation.
  • Very low power, so it can survive for years without a battery change.
  • Robust, to minimize or eliminate maintenance.
  • Self-diagnostic and self-healing.
  • Self-calibrating, or accepts calibration commands via wireless link
  • An actuator is a device that acts upon a request by a sensor. It is what automation is for. You detected a leak? A valve can be closed automatically. It is that simple!
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