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The IoT consists of several technological layers which all play a role in the route from simply connecting ‘things’ and IoT devices to building applications that serve a clear goal, whether it’s for consumer applications or industry-grade IoT projects.oT technology should really be IoT technologies as there are several of course and the ones that matter depend on the goal. However, they fit in this IoT technology stack that has various layers, starting with IoT devices

IoT bridges the gap between the physical world and the digital world and that starts with things. There are several IoT devices in a broader sense. Some sit at the edge of the network where the real connecting of things happens. Others include IoT gateways which enable to actually do something with all the data coming from ‘IoT-enabled’ things or connected objects. However, we won’t count IoT gateways as IoT devices as some do; it’s a different IoT technology layer and not even necessarily hardware as we’ll see.

The IoT technology stack is nothing else than a range of technologies, standards and applications, which lead from the simple connection of objects to the Internet to the most easy and most complex applications that use these connected things, he data they gather and communicate and the different steps needed to power these applications.



From your mobile phone or tablet you will be able to control lighting, air conditioning systems and other appliances. You will have a chance to turn lights on and off, manage scenes, verify if there is a water leak, or if you left your door open. You will also be able to close your garage door, water the lawn, turn the coffee maker on every morning and so much more.


Smart Building Equipment

You will be able to connect switches, keypads, sensors, reles, motors, thermostats, clocks and more, all of them controllable from your smartphone. You install it near your WI-FI router and needs no maintenance since it updates itself automatically when needed.

Every smart building project starts with two simple devices: a smart hub and a smart device to control. Here you can find some of the devices that can be put to work.

Button Keypad
Switch Dimmer
Remote Control
Digital Dimmer
Micro Dimmer
Door sensor Dimmer
Smoke Sensor
CO2 Sensor
Air Conditioner

UHD Security Devices

LaView cameras allow you to control and monitor the safety of your home or office from any mobile device, with characteristics such as high definition, night vision, adjustable angles, anti vandalic protection, and IP68 protection.

Alarm Modules

A managable and modular security system that allows you full control over your premise, all from a mobile app. It has a great design that blends with your decorations and wireless communication between the hub and each of the remote devices.

Grow your network
Grow your network
Grow your network

Touch Screens

From a tablet you will be able to control every aspect of your building or facility, from monitoring air ducts, HVAC systems, lightening, security, etc. It’s the perfect way to keep up with everything that is happening in your facility. Easy management at your hands.


Keys To Build IOT Solutions

  • A key consideration when designing IoT networks is the topology of the networks
  • Any IoT application that requires operations over long distances can take advantage of cellular but the cost and power consumption are likely to be too high for most IoT applications
  • In a mesh network every node is connected to each other
  • In a star network topology all nodes are connected to one central node, which is typically the gateway to the Internet
  • Industry forecasts expect 90% of Bluetooth-enabled smartphones to be also Bluetooth Smart ready by 2018.
  • Mesh networks provide multiple internal paths for movement, require small amounts of power to transmit, and can add nodes relatively easily
  • One of the biggest challenges across IoT devices, sensors, networks and applications is the ability to understand and to communicate with each other
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